Go recently crossed 1,000 days in a row as the #1 App Store app for car insurance. It was a moment for which we are grateful; one that humbles us and inspires us to keep doing more for Go customers.

At Go one of our values is exceed customer expectations. Everything we do starts and ends with the customer. From there, we ask if something could be valuable for many Go customers. If we think the answer is yes, then we start figuring out how to get it to market. We think this focus on exceeding expectations has helped Go get to where it is today and will help us to keep doing more for customers.

Today, we wanted to take you behind the scenes and share how our goal of exceeding customer expectations inspired three pieces of the Go experience that our users have come to love most.

Inspiration 1: Chat (not calls)

Once we had observed Go’s first thousand users, we asked what could make Go a better experience for the next few thousand. We talked to our customers, wrote down what they told us, and then tallied up all of their insights. It was a good-sized list, and it was clear that we had plenty of work ahead of us. By far, the top sticking point was…hold time. The average customer was willing to wait up to four minutes to talk to someone. The average hold time was twenty minutes. We knew this had to be faster. How do you make phones faster? You don’t. But chat is faster. A lot faster. If every customer could chat then there would be no more wait time, no more hold time, and things that are not that easy on the phone (like reciting a 17-digit Vehicle ID number) become as easy as copy/paste. That is how chat became a core part of Go.

Inspiration 2: Apple Pay (not credit cards)

To learn more about our customers we asked, what other apps did they like? Instagram, BofA, Uber, Instacart, Kayak, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest. Then we thought, was there any way we could group these apps? We could. Apps you used to buy things. And apps you used for something else. When we asked what, if anything, did they like about the apps you could use buy something? We heard “easy”, “simple”, “fast checkout”, “feels secure”.

And that’s when it hit us - we already had access to the easiest, most secure, and most private way to buy for our customers: Apple Pay. It was already inside so many iPhones. And now it’s inside Go.

Inspiration 3: ID Cards (not perforated paper cards)

Ok, we know too that ID cards aren’t going to be a trending news story anytime soon. But we do think they’re important. We asked, what part of the buying process could be simpler in the post-purchase stage? Most people said they kept their car insurance card in the glovebox and apart from that, it was mostly unavailable when they needed it. Unlike a health insurance card for example, which most people can find easily because they use it so often. We wanted to make your car insurance card easy to find, but not put it somewhere where it would take up valuable space, like the front of your wallet. Apple Wallet makes it easy to find, and unlike a physical wallet you can store as many cards as you’d like.

Go can only be iPhone users’ #1 car insurance app if iPhone users think so. We are so thankful that along the way, customers have shown us what Go could really be, with chat, Apple Pay, and ID cards for Wallet. We’re excited for the next set of customer inspired experiences that are soon coming to Go. And most important we will be listening closely to make sure you, our customers, find them useful!