There it was. Next to the NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball. Go featured on the homepage of the iTunes App Store.

“Crazy-fast quotes for car insurance”.

It happened within just one day of releasing the new Go. But it took two years of imagination, ideas, and iterations to build it. Making Go “crazy-fast” started when we asked “what if you could make insurance as fast as posting an Instagram story? How could you do that?”

The answer was pretty easy. Make it work like Instagram, like a camera. Make it one button.


Making that happen though, was not as easy 😃.

We could probably fill a 100 blog posts (literally) with all we tried to get here. But in the spirit of keeping things fast, we’ll highlight just the three most important pieces:

iPhone Camera

Use its power to let a photo be a thousand words. With one photo of your license Go can do all the work for you.

Effortless Data

The Go Team wired together 14 different databases to fill out 45 questions and 5 pages of information in 30 seconds (instead of 30 minutes).

Apple Pay

A fast app needs fast payment. Apple Pay gives Go an easy, secure, and private way to pay.

That’s it. These three pieces turned 60 minutes into 60 seconds. Turned 1,000 taps into 1 tap. And turned a slow 100 year old process into a crazy-fast new one.