For the past 100 years it has typically taken about a week to get car insurance. As of today that has changed. What took a week for 100 years, now takes just three minutes. Three minutes!

That is the power of Go with Apple Pay.

We are beyond excited to announce Go with Apple Pay this week during the The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). It is the first new type of payment for car insurance in twenty years. Previously there were only two ways to pay for car insurance: in a retail storefront or on the phone. For the past decade the only way to shop or pay for insurance on a phone was with a mobile website.

Even though this is on your phone, mobile websites are not always easy to use. They require you to pinch and move a page around, tap in and out of different boxes, and then enter all of your information that you’ve already entered somewhere else before. Apple Pay solves all that. Now with Go customers get a 60 second quote, select checkout, tap Apple Pay, and it’s done.

I can remember the first time I tapped Uber on my iPhone and a car was there in minutes. The first time I tapped AirBnB and found a great place to stay. And the first time I ordered groceries right from my iPhone and they just showed up. And now today customers can just tap Go on their iPhone and in three minutes they have car insurance.

While at Go we’ve always been excited to hear customer stories of how we save people money, we’re excited to start hearing a new type of story – how we save customers time. I think all of us can remember a moment when iPhone did something so fast, we were just amazed. It made us realize now we’ve got a little more extra time to be with friends, give to ourself, or do something new. We are very enthusiastic that now Go is going to give customers back more of their time.

We want to thank our customers for sharing their enthusiasm for Go’s simplicity and leading us to Apple Pay. We want to thank our broker and insurer partners for collaborating to enable this incredible customer experience to come to life. And we want to thank the team at Apple for designing the iOS software, hardware, and services that made Apple Pay possible.

Please keep sharing all of your inspiring stories about Go, and we’ll keep doing our best to deliver a great insurance product!

If you still haven’t tried Go, get it for free on the App Store here.