Did you know you can switch insurance with no lapse in coverage and a lot of the time no extra cost? From talking with customers we realized that almost everyone assumes there is always a cost. That’s not the case! In fact, many large insurers let you switch without an additional cost.

And in many states insurers are required to report that you’ve switched to the DMV in your state. This ensures there is no lapse in coverage.

Now many times when you need new insurance it is a different time than when you insurance expires. It could be when you’re buying a new car, selling an old one, or just found a new insurer that you think is the one for you.

That said we think one of the most valuable things an insurer can offer is comfort and security. So if you have an insurer you value we recommend staying with them. If you are looking to switch though, here are the top 3 recommendations from the Go Editorial Staff:

  1. Get a quote and check you have the same coverage. This can be confusing to review each detail. We recommend talking with an agent and asking first “Is this coverage the same as I currently have?”. And then walking through each coverage to understand it as well as you’d like to.
  2. Ask if you switch are there are any cancellation fees or additional costs? Surprisingly to many of us, a lot of the time the answer is no. When you ask you’ll confirm that’s the case.
  3. Then when you’re ready to switch, purchase your new policy, and ask your agent or insurer to confirm that your coverage is effective. This will ensure there is no lapse in coverage.

That’s it!

Any questions or thoughts we always appreciate hearing. Please email us at service@go.insure.