Wow Apple Watch is in Apple Stores today! What an exciting day to announce the Go Safe Map™. Thank you to everyone trying out Go on Apple Watch today in Apple Stores. And thank you to everyone using Go on iPhone and iPod touch. The stories you’ve told us so far have been inspiring, and make our whole team even more enthusiastic to keep expanding the Go Safe Map.

Today I wanted to share two things. First, the history behind the Safe Map. And second, some of the inspiring stories that people using Go on iPhone have shared with us as they imagine what they can do with Go on Apple Watch.

The history behind the Go Safe Map has three key events. That history goes back awhile. A long while:

  • The first key event, started with the first map ever found in a cave in Northern Spain about 14,000 years ago. This map was called a “Terrain Map” because it showed…terrain. The people who drew it marked terrain like where their cave was, where their animals roamed, and a nearby river. The terrain map gave them a way to navigate the world around them.

  • The second key event was the “Political Map” found about 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia (around modern day Kuwait). It not only showed where things were, but who lived where. This is pretty much the type of map we’ve all used from then on. It’s how we can easily see where countries start and stop. Where states are. And within those states where neighborhoods, streets, and addresses are.

  • The third key event, is today – the first day of the Go “Safe Map”. For the first time you can see a view of the entire U.S. through safety. You can see safety in two completely new ways. First you can see where it is safest to walk, jog, or bike based on the history of all the people who have walked, jogged, or biked there before. Second you can see the current accident activity around you. With a heads up of what’s ahead every day is a little more relaxing.

We also wanted to share a couple of the most exciting stories we’ve heard so far.

Sheryl, a mom of two from Cupertino, California used Go to look where her kids walk home from school. She told us she’d always been curious about how safe their route was. But had no way to see it. Now with Go she was able to first see how safe their route is (it’s safe!). And she could save the school’s location in Go and get notified when there are accidents nearby. She could also even share to Next Door for other parents and kids to see their own Safe Map.

Kyle, a cyclist from San Francisco, California told us how for years he’s been trying to find all kinds of different devices to go on his handlebars. Not only do these extra hardware devices get in the way. But they don’t tell him where cyclists should look out. Now with iPhone and Apple Watch he can doesn’t need any extra hardware. And he can get notified on every ride of the safest places to cycle.

We’re grateful for all the responses so far. We’re looking forward to listening to more stories about Go and how we can keep growing the Safe Map. And we can’t wait to see where you take Go next!

If you haven’t already, get Go for free on the App Store