Crazy-fast car insurance

  • 1 Snap a photo of your license.
  • 2 Get a quote.
  • 3 Use Apple Pay. Boom. Done.
Here is how Go works
Smart technology that makes your life easier.
Shoot a photo with your iPhone and get an instant quote from the insurance app that has been #1 on the App Store for over 1,400 days straight (and counting).
Averse to paperwork? No problem.
With just a snap, five pages of paperwork are filled out and you can be on your way.
Clear quotes with cheetah-like speed.
Get a quote in 60 seconds, chat with licensed agents, change anything, and then pay instantly with Apple Pay. Easy peasy.
Fun Facts
Go has been the #1 app for car insurance on the App Store for over 1,400 days in a row (and counting). Maybe it’s because we are so simple to use — snap it, tap it, buy it, and get on with doing what really matters. We’ve been covered by NBC TV, The Washington Post, the LA Times, interviewed on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange, and by other major media.
1 Tap
Go turns a thousand taps into one and eliminates all the paperwork for you.
$8 Billion
Go’s partner Knight Insurance is part of the $8 billion privately held Hankey Group.
50 Years
The Hankey Group has been in business 50 years and now has seven companies with 2,800 employees.
The down low on Go
I heard about it over the Radio and I downloaded the App and put my info with my 2 cars and it gave me crazy good price that was in a second unbelievable. And I switched right away. Sooooo 3 months later was my first accident “I promise” and the Police came and Go claim service called me and told me don’t worry about it we got you with no increase in my policy! I love it, great, easy, convenient and all in the App. Thanks Go, this is the future of Insurance.″
Taha Shangir
Austin TX, March 2019
Would never go a different route. Easy, quick, and to the point. This is probably my first review ever, so that should say something.″
Dallas TX, Feb 2019
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Crazy-fast car insurance